Improve your holiday experience by signing up for our additional services beforehand or even during your holiday. You can make your reservations by filling out the “Book additional services” form on the “Booking” page either after reserving the cabin or separately on its own.

We are flexible and would be glad to also help should you have any other requests. Just tell us and we will make the necessary arrangements to the best of our abilities.

Breakfast/dinner supplies and packed lunches

You can purchase breakfast/dinner supplies for that they are ready and waiting in the fridge at the cabin you have reserved or to be taken with you for your meals on your nature hike or canoeing trip for example. An alternative would be a traditional Northern Karelian and Ilomantsi style breakfast or meals made from wholesome and natural products. Packed lunches help you to push on on the longer routes. Remember to inform us of your special dietary requirements well in advance.
Breakfast á la Ilomantsi, 10€/person: Karelian pies/traditional fish or meat pies/buns, juice, cucumber, ham, cheese, eggs/egg butter spread
Breakfast á la Terveydeksi, 10€/person: Natural yoghurt, muesli, seasonal berries or a smoothie from seasonal berries or oatmeal porridge, rye bread, buns, tomatoes, cucumber, turkey, cheese and salad
Packed meals for your trip, 20€/person Grilled sausages, ketchup, mustard, rye ham/egg sandwiches, juice, water, fruit

Things to take with you on your journey into nature and on canoeing trips

Tent for 2 persons and 2 sleeping mats 40€*
Sleeping bag 10€*
Waterproof pouch for mobile phone 8€*
Waterproof bag for your belongings 10€*
Add-on portable seats for the canoe 20€*

*Price covers the rent for max of one week.

Tranport, canoe and the customer

Koitere Partalanranta beach, Huhus area, around 7km in radius 18€
Hiiskoski pick-up point/rest stop, about 12km 22€
Käenkoski docking bay, about 15 km 25€
Möhkö 54km, southern end of Koitajoki river, departure/pick-up point 94€
Please note: Transportation fee is included in the canoeing packages.

Cabin stays

Bedlinen (sheets, duvet cover, pillowcover) 10€
Cleaning up after your stay 50€
Additional firewood 1/2m3 25€
One night stay in the storehouse 20/30€


Fish traps 10€*
Fishing nets 15€*

*max. 7 days. Return to cabins storage after cleaning and untangling

Includes local fishing permits but in addition you need to have paid your personal Fisheries Management Fee. You can do that in Fishing permits -web shop for up to one calendar year.