3-4 Hours
7 person
200 €



For many, the smoke sauna’s gentle vapours offer the best sauna experience that a person could have. At its best, saunas provide relaxing and soothing vapours. Smoke saunas have a special scent and the temperatures are mild. The warming up of smoke saunas takes time and is an art form and as such requires a lot of patience and dedication.
The warming up takes several hours – the fire needs to be started 4 hours before this sauna is ready for use. After warming up the sauna yourself, it is important to set aside sufficient time to air the sauna – in other words you should not enter the sauna when the temperature of the vapours are overly high. This prevents your eyes from smarting and also allows time for the vapours to get milder. You should avoid touching the walls because soot often comes off them.
You can rent the smoke sauna on a per day basis – KoiHu warms it up so that it is ready for use at the arranged timing.