You can rent Canadian canoes, kayaks and SUP (Stand Up Paddling) boards ranging from several hours up to several days. The rental fee also includes instructions on how to use the equipment, a route guide, a map and canoe vests. You can also rent waterproof pouches for your mobile phones and bags for your belongings, and buy picnic lunches to take along on your trip (see additional services). We also offer transportation services.

We are happy to offer suggestions for both short and long paddling trails.

What 2-4 Hours Day (max 12 hours) 24 Hours Additional 24 hours Week Transportation
Kajak and SUP-board 30€ 40€ 45€ 35€ 180€ * Huhus area 20€
* Within radius of 15 km 30€
Tandem Canadian canoe 45€ 55€ 60€ 45€ 250€ * Within radius of 60 km 100€ + service fee per canoe/kayak 20€


  • Canadian canoes: Winkkari 175 with one layer polythene for 2 or 3 persons (additional seat option) and plastic Coleman Canadian canoe for two
  • Kayaks for one person: Two Perception Carolina (yellow ones) 14 and two Core 14 (red ones)
  • 3 SUP – Stand Up Paddling -boards; one hard SUP board, and two inflatable SUP boards