We rent open canoes, kayaks and SUP (Stand Up Paddling) boards ranging from a few hours up to several days. We also offer canoeing packages which we are constantly working on to include different durations and levels of difficulty.   The stunning and peaceful surroundings of the river Koitajoki and lake Koitere are great places for both short and long canoeing trips on the beautiful lake and riverscape of eastern Finland. The distance from the northern section of Koitere, edge of Patvinsuo, to Möhkö or Petkeljärvi, the other end of the waterway route, is about 90km by canoe. Koitajoki meanders peacefully around the rare bog-like edges of Kesonsuo. These waters are suitable even for the more inexperienced paddlers. Combine your holiday travels in Ilomantsi with a couple of hours or even a full day of canoeing or SUP (Stand Up Paddling), or you can even spend some time in nature by spending a night at our resting stops along the canoeing route. The longer, more challenging, canoeing routes require several days to complete and allow for the opportunity to stay over on land or at one of our accommodation options.   The departure and pick-up points are at the shore of Koitajoki and Koitere or elsewhere when needed. Our transportation service will take you to and from your destinations. You can go canoeing from April to October-November depending on how early spring begins and when the waters freeze in the autumn.   Below you can find information about hiring canoe equipment and ready paddling packages from a day trip with 13 km to a week long and over 100 km of canoeing. Most of the canoeing packages can already be booked directly through these pages, and the rest will become available gradually. Booking is also always possible through the feedback form, email and phone. Step into the world of adventurous canoeing experiences!

Canoes, kayak, SUP (Stand Up Paddling) boards for rent

Rent for hours, days or several days and enjoy Koitere and/or Koitajoki views.

Meloen Koidalta Koitereen Lammassaareen

Canoeing from Syväysjoki river to lake Koitere, 13km

Spend a half day to day in outdoors, paddling in the scenery of the beautiful river landscape as well as on the lake of Koitere.

Meloen Syväysjoelta Koitereelle

Examine Koitere and Lammassaari by paddling, 15km

Spend a day paddling in beautiful lake Koitere, and explore one of its biggest islands, Lammassaari.


Paddling adventure next to the eastern borderline, 27 km

Paddling in the middle of nowhere in a narrow pristine river

Paddling adventure next to the eastern borderline, 27 km

Exploring the wilderness lake Koitere and its Pearls, 30-40km

Enjoy the beautiful lake and it’s mystic islands

Weekend getaway to the river paddling, 45km

Enjoy few days within silent nature and discover the river Koitajoki by canoeing


Paddling from Koitajoki to Koitere, 50-76km

This medium long route provides taste of wilderness river and lake, night in an island with sandy shore and restful and sensuous moments in nature.

Meloen Koidalta Koitereelle

Discover two national parks by canoeing and hiking, 80km and more

From Petkeljärvi to Patvinsuo by paddling, motorboat and hiking.

Canoeing escape into the Wilderness, 105km

Discover Petkeljärvi and the entire length of the river Koitajoki until lake Koitere

Directions for canoeing

What do you need to take into account?

Directions for canoeing