1-2 hours

*min. 3 persons



Join us on our trip to the forest and pick yourself some berries to snack on or stock up for winter.
The forest has calming effects. Picking berries allows you to clear your mind of other thoughts, and as a reward you get to feast on clean and delicious berries. Hopefully you will be able to save some to take home in your basket as well.
We will inform you on the approximate time frame and the type of berries that are available during summer. The timings of the berry-picking trips will be agreed separately.
Depending on the place we might walk for the entire journey or switch to cars to get closer to the berry-picking places.

Ripe berries and mushrooms which are extremely healthy and delicious can be found in the nearby forests and bogs in summer. The first blueberries usually ripen around the end of June after which cloudberries/knotberries/low-bush salmonberries ripen in bogs and finally lingonberries in autumn. You could also come across raspberry bushes on your strolls.